Dennbien / Denes Jagicza


Fingerstyle guitarist and composer. He studied classical guitar at the School of Music and took several master classes from teachers and artists like Zoltan Tokos, Roberto Aussel, Jon Gomm and Petteri Sariola. During his university studies he performed in several venues and smaller festivals in Hungary. After graduating (MSc in Economics) he began to work for industry-leading tech companies in the field of marketing and sales and besides developed remarkable skills of fingerstyle guitar playing and songwriting.

He moved to Vienna, Austria in 2013 and while pursuing a successful career he reappeared in the music scene with his breakthrough solo LP “Emergence” at the end of 2017.

My Maestro plays like a dream, delivers a crystal clear, loud and balanced professional sound – a true all-rounder regardless of what or where you play. If you are looking for an outstanding instrument where build quality meets with exceptional tone and superb playability you should definitely keep Maestro in mind as it truly deserves to have a rightful place on the market of high-end acoustic guitars. ”


The music of Dennbien creates a beautiful, harmonic atmosphere combining chillout and ambient vibes with tuneful and versatile guitar riffs and pickings. His style often incorporates a fusion with other genres like electric, latin, classical or alternative and attains smooth transitions to wide-sounding melodies – enabling the listener to completely submerge into a given emotional surrounding.


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