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Hozen designed each unique Maestro body shape with a specific playing style in mind. From the hard strumming Rosetta to the articulate fingerstyle Vera. Explore each shape to find your best fit and you can be sure no matter what is your choice, you can expect Maestro’s signature lush, smooth and balanced tone and unrivaled playability.

Raffles | Small Jumbo

Sharing similar overall dimensions to the dreadnought, the Raffles body shape boasts loads of power on tap, with a clear, robust midrange. It brings with it an authority in its sound without compromising on note articulation and dynamic response.

Body Length: 505 mm | 19 7/8″
Depth: 110 mm | 4 5/16″
Waist: 250 mm | 9 13/16″
Lower Bout: 394 mm | 15 1/2″

Rosetta | Dreadnought

Probably the most iconic and the most recorded amongst all acoustic guitar shapes, the Rosetta is our take on the classic Dreadnought shape. Known for its deep and lush sound due to its wider depth and waist, this is a staple for every guitar player.

Body Length: 507 mm | 19 15/16″
Depth: 110 mm | 4 5/16″
Waist: 280 mm | 11″
Lower Bout: 400 mm | 15 3/4″

Singa | Medium Jumbo

The biggest amongst our shapes, the Singa has a narrower waist but with a wider lower bout, resulting to its deep piano-like basses and crystalline highs. These together with its depth and excellent projection, made Singa the most popular Maestro shape to this date.

Body Length: 504 mm | 19 13/16″
Depth: 125 mm | 4 15/16″
Waist: 240 mm | 9 7/16″
Lower Bout: 410 mm | 16 1/8″

Victoria | 000

Comparatively compact next to a Dreadnought, the 000 body style still provides a fair dose of power and dynamic range while having improved articulation and note separation. Players will enjoy its strong presence and great balance across the entire sonic spectrum.

Body Length: 486 mm | 19 1/8″
Depth: 102 mm | 4″
Waist: 250 mm | 9 13/16″
Lower Bout: 394 mm | 15 1/2″

Vera | Modern 00

Named after his daughter, Vera is Hozen’s modern take of a traditional 00 shape. With its rounder lower bout and narrower waist, Vera became an instant favorite since its inception for it possesses great volume and articulation even with its compact size.

Body Length: 465 mm | 18 5/16″
Depth: 102 mm | 4″
Waist: 229 mm | 9″
Lower Bout: 370 mm | 14 9/16″

Traditional 0 | Parlor

The O size “Parlor” is our smallest guitar yet. With a delicate response and a sound that embraces the player, the O size is widely favored for its transparent light bass, and crisp sparkling highs while maintaining the our signature projection and responsiveness.

Body Length: 500 mm | 19 11/16″
Depth: 102 mm | 4″
Waist:  210 mm | 8 1/4″
Lower Bout: 355 mm | 14″

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