Limited Lifetime Warranty

Maestro Guitars is proud of its workmanship and guarantees the following instruments made from 2015 onwards – Original Series, Traditional Series, Private Collection, Double Top Series, Crossover Series, Island Series, and Custom Build instruments – from the date of purchase for the lifetime of the original owner against defects in workmanship. All Maestro instruments not covered by Limited Lifetime Warranty, unless voided, are covered by one (1) year warranty for parts and labor against manufacturing defects. Register your instrument here.

Warranty Coverage

tuning hardware, bridge, plating, pickguard and electronic components

Top, Back, Sides and Neck


Wear from normal use, improper string gauge usage and damage that results from abuse, neglect, accident, or from exposure of the guitar to extreme temperature or humidity conditions. Settling of the finish is considered “normal use” and is not covered by this warranty. Setup, Action and Tone or anything that is a matter of personal preference is not covered by this warranty.

Unauthorized repairs or alterations will void this warranty. Hardware not manufactured by Maestro Guitars is warranted to the original manufacturer. Shipping and insurance charges to and from the authorized repair facility are the responsibility of the customer. Shipping damages are not our responsibility and insurance should be undertaken. This warranty takes the place of any other warranty, expressed or implied. You may have other rights under local law. In cases that repair or servicing is to be done by a third-party, Maestro Guitars will not reimburse any cost of the work done.

Examples Of Humidity Damage:

• Signs of low humidity includes Low Action, Hump on fretboard at body joint, Sunken tops, Flat Back, Sharp Frets end, plane of neck angle hits above the bridge, wood cracks, crack across the bridge pins holes etc.

• Signs of high humidity can be bloating at the bridge area, Sharp(#) open strings, higher action, tarnished frets, rusty strings, lack of tone, glue joints failure on brace and bridge, split middle seam on top etc.


Contact the Authorized Maestro Dealer where you purchased your instrument or send us an email of your warranty issue together with your proof of purchase. Our technician will inform you or your Maestro Dealer further instructions and recommendations on how to service your instrument. If necessary, you will need to send your instrument to:

Maestro Guitars Pte. Ltd.
9 Kaki Bukit Road 2
Gordon Warehouse Building
Singapore 417842

Shipping/insurance charges are not part of the warranty package and is the owner’s responsibility with no exception.