Nylon String Guitars

From the iconic Custom Series and Island Series, to the collector grade Private Collection and revolutionary Double Top Series, every Maestro exudes our commitment in making fine boutique instruments more accessible to players. Handmade in very small batches by our small team of experienced luthiers, all Maestro instruments are made from hand selected tonewoods and are individually voiced by Hozen, ensuring that each are exceptional in every aspect especially in terms of tone and craftsmanship.

Crossover Series

A fresh spin on a hybrid style instrument, the Crossover marries the soft tactility of nylon strings in a steel string guitar shape, giving players a new palette of sounds to explore. Available with the combination of solid Indian Rosewood and solid German Spruce or solid Khaya Mahogany and solid Western Red Cedar, Hozen employs all of his experience in creating an instrument that sounds complex and fun to play.

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Masterclass Series

Inspired from the works of influential classical guitar builders, the Masterclass series emulates the basic characteristics of these instruments while fusing with Maestro Signature tone and projection. Built from hand selected tonewoods, bonded using 100% hot hide glues, and quality components, each guitar in this series signifies our undying commitment in handcrafting fine instruments.

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Ranging from the vintage-inspired Traditional Series, innovative Double Top Series, and collector grade Private Collection, every Maestro acoustic guitar has its own distinct character and our signature responsiveness.


Nothing creates that special relationship between player and instrument better than the one that was specially made for them. Have the privilege of owning an instrument that is “completely yours” through our Custom Build Program.


Available in concert and tenor, our individually voiced ukuleles are made from hand selected tonewoods and are furnished with our signature CSB features – giving players access to handmade boutique ukuleles off-the-rack.