Tone Remastered


Responsive instrument with an exceptional tone — this is what we have in mind for every guitar and ukulele that we make. A responsive instrument that allows true expression, an exceptional tone that brings out a fresh wave of inspiration. We go beyond specifications, bracing patterns and formulas. As every piece of wood has its own unique sonic potential, each of our instruments are carefully hand voiced in order to bring out character, exceptional tone, and responsiveness. Just like a classic record waiting to be re-released, all our instruments go through this extra process, providing players with Tone, Remastered.

Series Overview

Learn what makes up each Series of our instruments in terms of specifications and understand the stories behind them.

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Shapes & Dimensions

Understand how shape “shape” the sound; another consideration, aside from comfort and looks, when selecting your instrument.

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All About Wood

Every tonewood has its own charm. Know what kind of sound each wood offers and explore the most ideal wood combination for you.

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