Chris Brown


Chris Brown is a UK-based composer, acclaimed acoustic guitarist and singer. hazeyjane is the vehicle for the live musical expression of his  original songs and adaptive arrangements of celebrated pieces of poetry. Most rewarding to a listening and discerning audience, hazeyjane aim to produce mellow and melodic music that is, in turns, intense and intimate, dreamy and dynamic, relaxing in its mellifluence but hauntingly atmospheric; music that, ultimately, seeks the sublime.

“The sound of my Maestro Raffles is perfect for hazeyjane material. With its warm, full-bodied wash of honeyed tones I knew the second I picked it up in the guitar shop that it was the right guitar for me.”

Chris Brown

The soundscape settings of his songs are enriched by the accompaniment provided by the signature fretless bass of Kevin T Ward and his use of harmonics, stopping and chords to add rhythmic expression, texture, and colour. The hazeyjane line-up is completed by world percussionist David ‘Hopi’ Hopkins and his myriad nuanced, percussive textures, which greatly enhance the mood of the hazeyjane sound.

Debut album release, ONE, was recorded and mastered at Tu-kay Records in Stoke Bruerne, and released July 2016 to a series of glowing reviews. In May 2017, live EP Kanre was issued. The band are currently working on follow-up album TWO for release late 2018.

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