Masterclass Series

Nova IR SB C

Inspired from the works of influential classical guitar builders, the Masterclass series emulates the basic characteristics of these instruments while fusing with Maestro Signature tone and projection. Built from hand selected tonewoods, bonded using 100% hot hide glues, and quality components, each guitar in this series signifies our undying commitment in handcrafting fine instruments.


SHAPE | Standard Classical
SOUNDBOARD | Solid Western Red Cedar
BACK & SIDES | Solid Indian Rosewood
FEATURES | Soundport & Beveled Armrest
BRACING | Quarter Sawn Sitka Spruce
LINING | Standard Kerfing
BINDING | Rosewood with Wooden Lines
NECK | Khaya Mahogany with Carbon Fiber Rods
BRIDGE | Ebony

Sound Samples

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Private Collection

Embodying the finest of what we do, the Private Collection is the culmination of all the knowledge we amassed through the years of building boutique class instruments.

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Traditional Series

Inspired by the instruments from the 1930s, the Traditional Series is a modern spin on the highly sought “Golden Era” steel string guitars.

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Double Top Series

Made using soundboards with Nomex Honeycomb at its core, these guitars are known for its incomparable projection, responsiveness, and complex overtones.

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