Steel String Guitars

Original Series

The Original Series recapitulates what Maestro is all about – making boutique handmade instruments accessible off-the-rack. Handmade in small batches using select materials, these guitars are available in variety of shapes and wood combinations and are voiced by Hozen to bring out what would be the signature Maestro Guitars sound – responsive, rich in overtones, with defined basses and crystal-like thick trebles. Accompanying the Maestro sound is its iconic look – a coherent minimalistic design across the entire line, highlighting the intricacies of our signature SB & CSB options.

Original Series | Boutique-Grade Off-The-Rack

Individually Handvoiced

Though bracing patterns affect the tonal characteristics of an acoustic guitar, there is no formulaic way of guaranteeing the best tone. Every piece of wood is different that is why we take time to individually voice every Original Series guitar to deliver an instrument that has a very delicate response, rich in projection, and full of character.

Responsive with Greater Focus on Complex Overtones

In addition to the signature responsiveness of our instruments, the Original Series guitars are specially voiced to possess complex overtones without compromising the richness of the fundamentals – resulting to a guitar that is inspiring to play especially for fingerstyle enthusiasts.

Handselected Tonewoods

We source for the best tonewoods all over the world and naturally season them for years to ensure that they are responsive and have the ideal moisture content. The wood that we use for the Original Series are handselected based on how fast the sound travels across the board, richness of tap tones, deflection, and woodgrain.

Boutique Features

Available with our signature CSB options – Florentine Cutaway, Soundport & Beveled Armrest – these guitars standout as they offer something that you rarely see off-the-rack. Aside from the playing comfort that the Beveled Armrest offers, the Soundport brings you to another level of expression and inspiration as it allows you to hear in detail every nuance of your playing.