Steel String Guitars

Double Top Series

The Double Top Series encompasses what Maestro Guitars is all about; fusing innovation and traditional building techniques to make boutique instruments accessible to everyone. Maestro Guitars is proud to be the first and only builder to offer Double Top guitars off-the-rack. Made using soundboards with Nomex Honeycomb at its core, these guitars are known for its incomparable projection, responsiveness, and clarity.

Double Top Series | Lightweight, Big Sound

Individually Handvoiced

Though bracing patterns affect the tonal characteristics of an acoustic guitar, there is no formulaic way of guaranteeing the best tone. Every material is different, especially the Double Top soundboards, that is why we take time to individually voice every Double Top Series guitar to deliver an instrument that has a very delicate response, rich in projection, and full of character.

Double Top Soundboard

The soundboard of the Double Top Series is made of two thin layers of wood with a Nomex Honeycomb core, making the top very light yet very strong which result to an increased overall projection. Offered by very few builders as a custom option, we have been making this exclusive feature available off-the-rack since 2013.

High Fidelity Sound

Aside from the rich projection, the Double Top Series boasts of clarity and fidelity like no other. With the right balance of projection, fundamentals, and overtones, these guitars are perfect for those who are looking for a clean recording sound without compromising character and responsiveness.

Boutique Features

Available with our signature CSB options – Florentine Cutaway, Soundport & Beveled Armrest – these guitars standout as they offer something that you rarely see off-the-rack. Aside from the playing comfort that the Beveled Armrest offers, the Soundport brings you to another level of expression and inspiration as it allows you to hear in detail every nuance of your playing.