“I immediately realized that I have something very special when I first strummed my Traditional Series 00-IR. Its responsiveness touches one’s soul and it sings with so much warmth and clarity; such character that comes only from fine workmanship and passion for the craft.”


- Shak (Singapore)

Original Series

Handmade in small batches, the new Original Series guitars are voiced differently to bring out what would be the signature Maestro sound  – responsive, rich in overtones, with defined basses and crystal-like thick trebles. Accompanying the Maestro sound is its iconic look – a coherent minimalistic design across the entire line, highlighting the intricacies of our Signature Options.

Alternative Tonewoods

The art of lutherie spans over more than 2 centuries, and in that time, many forms of conventions have been set as traditionally accepted standards. In discussion circles, the most often talked about materials for acoustic guitar building involve some species of Spruce, Mahogany, sometimes Maple, and of course Rosewood.

Featured Instruments

Series Overview

Learn what makes up each Series of our instruments in terms of specifications and understand the stories behind them.

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Shapes & Dimensions

Understand how shape “shape” the sound; another consideration, aside from comfort and looks, when selecting your instrument.

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All About Wood

Every tonewood has its own charm. Know the sound each wood offers and the most ideal wood combinations for you.

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About Maestro Guitars

Best known for making boutique-grade instruments more accessible to players, Maestro Guitars is the only Singapore brand that handcrafts guitars and ukuleles. Started in 2004 by Hozen, Maestro Guitars is a small workshop of highly-skilled luthiers that believe in bringing the best out from every single build; no shortcuts, no compromises.

But what truly makes us and our instruments exceptional is our commitment in handvoicing. Learning from Ervin Somogyi, Hozen is able to carve his own approach to voicing in order to bring out our signature sound – responsive, rich in projection, and full of character. Often seen only in very select individual builders, we handvoice every single Maestro Guitars instrument to ensure that they are excellent both in tone and form – giving players a dose of inspiration even on the first strum.

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