“I immediately realized that I have something very special when I first strummed my Traditional Series 00-IR. Its responsiveness touches one’s soul and it sings with so much warmth and clarity; such character that comes only from fine workmanship and passion for the craft.”


- Shak (Singapore)

Traditional Series

Available in 5 shapes, the Traditional Series represents an exciting era of innovation and inspiration. From the compact Parlour to the iconic Slope Shoulder Dreadnought, these instruments bring nostalgia and inspiration to today’s players.

Alternative Tonewoods

The art of lutherie spans over more than 2 centuries, and in that time, many forms of conventions have been set as traditionally accepted standards. In discussion circles, the most often talked about materials for acoustic guitar building involve some species of Spruce, Mahogany, sometimes Maple, and of course Rosewood.

Recent Builds

Series Overview

Learn what makes up each Series of our instruments in terms of specifications and understand the stories behind them.

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Shapes & Dimensions

Understand how shape “shape” the sound; another consideration, aside from comfort and looks, when selecting your instrument.

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All About Wood

Every tonewood has its own charm. Know what kind of sound each wood offers and explore the most ideal wood combination for you.

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The Maestro Story

Started in 2004 with the vision of offering value-for-money instruments, Maestro Guitars evolved into one of the leading makers of premium guitars and ukuleles in the world. The once small dream of having his own guitar brand birthed Hozen’s lifelong commitment of making finely handmade instruments more accessible. Our story of resilience, dedication, and passion may serve as an inspiration for others to find their purpose and chase after their dream.

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