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Be involved if you want to make things the right way. We build each of our instrument as if it is our own. Aside from designing every aspect of the instrument and tuning the body, Hozen oversees the entire building process to ensure that the instrument is made to its fullest potential.

Only makers know how. Every Maestro instrument is handcrafted by Maestro-trained luthiers with at least 10 years of instrument building experience not by machine-operators nor mere woodworkers. This allows us to internalize quality control measures that ensures all our instruments are optimally built.

The littlest details count. We are very particular with every detail on our instrument: hand-selected tonewoods, hand-sculpted bracing, carbon-fiber reinforced necks, solid lining and kerfing, body binding, luthier-grade hide glue and Titebond, inlays, strings, pickup systems, and PLEK setup.

Process is more important than specifications. Instrument building is not just gluing prefabricated parts together. Every Maestro instrument is carefully handcrafted;   hand-sculpted bracing and hand-scraped necks to achieve the signature Maestro sound and playability.

Quality is more important than quantity. We only build a maximum of 60 to 70 instruments a month giving our team ample time to carefully handcraft each instrument. Our main focus is on the number of quality instruments we produce not the quantity of instruments.

Wood is the life of the instrument. Before building, we air-dry our wood for 12-18 months to ensure it has the ideal moisture content . All our instruments are built in our workshop that is maintained at 50% RH to ensure stability and responsiveness.

Play more than what you will pay. Since day one, our ultimate goal is to make finely-built instruments accessible to almost everyone. This is  why we make sure that each of our instrument sounds, feels, and plays more than what the price suggests.