Our Heritage

Maestro Guitars by Hozen is the leading makers of premium custom guitars from Asia and the only Singapore brand of Handcrafted guitars and ukuleles.

Since 2004 Maestro has been providing instruments to discerning players that are very particular about playability, tone and craftsmanship. Each Maestro instrument is handcrafted using only the finest wood and components through age-proven techniques. Owner and Master Luthier “Hozen” spearheads a small yet highly experienced team of luthiers, ensuring each Maestro instrument is built to its fullest potential. Hozen readily embraces modern enhancements such as Carbon-Fibre Reinforced Necks, sound port, double tops, beveled armrest, PLEK setup, blended with age-old traditional Hide Glue, wooden bindings, air-dried tonewood, individually hand voiced soundboards to help produce the finest hand made guitars in the region which are an inspiration to play.

Standard features and enhancements, depending on your model choice, will include but not limited to Double Top Soundboards, Rigid Rim Technology, Soundport, Bevelled Armrest/Body rest, Florentine Cutaway and Advanced Hybrid Bracing....options that can only be found on Custom Orders elsewhere. Maestro Guitars and ukuleles have garnered rave reviews from their discerning dealers and players globally, boutique quality is no longer a lofty dream!

Before 2001

Hozen's family are the first piano builders in Singapore which influenced him to pursue the art of guitar building.


Hozen started to have an interest in repairing and selling guitars while helping his father in Renner Piano.


Conceived the idea of building guitar parts with final assemble in Singapore

2004, October

Opened Maestro Concept Store in Excelsior with 24 guitars on display. Hozen sold the first ever Maestro on the 3rd day.

2004, october
2005, October

Hozen envisioned his brand to be global and he exhibited Maestro Guitars in Music China Shanghai. For the 1st time, a Singaporean company exhibits in an international music show.

2005, October
2006, March

Convinced that Maestro Guitars should foray into the EU market, Hozen exhibited in Musikmesse Frankfurt accompanied by the late great acoustic guitarist Paul Ponnudurai.

2006, December

Hozen went thru a formal guitar building training through luthier Chris Horton in Goa, India.

2006, December
2007, February

Custom and Masterclass Series guitars were launched. Maestro was awarded patent for Carbon-Fibre. Carbon-Fibre Reinforced Necks are made standard on all Maestro Guitars.

2007, September

Introduced the love for ukuleles in Singapore by launching the Maestro 10 Series and Custom Series ukuleles.1st concert/tenor size ukuleles available commercially in Singapore.

2007, September
2008, December

Maestro moved to its very own production facility in Singapore. This serves as Maestro's HQ to this date.


With the desire to further improve his instruments, Hozen started a new production facility that will allow him to assemble a team of experienced builders to build from wood rather than parts.

2010, April

The new Maestro workshop goes into production, building the 2 most popular models during that time, SD-3 and EP-1.

2010, October

With the initial training of the new staffs completed, we shifted our focus on handcrafting exquisite instruments, the Custom Series is revamped.

2011, March

We started offering instruments with exotic tone woods and made Soundport and Florentine Cutaway a standard option on our acoustic guitars.

2011, March

Bevel Armrest is introduced and made standard on our acoustic guitars. After the success of our Custom Series acoustic guitars, we started venturing into building exquisite ukuleles, the Island Series.


Elixir Strings recognized us as one of the top Asian brands, started using Elixir as our default strings for acoustic. Maestro Guitars became the first brand to offer Double Top Acoustics guitars off-the-rack and also was awarded a patent for it the same year. We streamlined Custom Series and launched the Select Shop.


PLEK Station is adopted and underwent training with one of the world's top guitar techs, Joe Glaser. PLEK setup became a standard for Select Shop and Custom Shop.


Hozen attended Voicing Masterclass by the famed Ervin Somogyi. He launched the “Private Collection” to coincide.

Now and Beyond

As more and more people recognize the beauty of our instruments, we now have a growing dealer network: Germany, France, Japan, US, Korea, Taiwan, among others.