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Maestro Guitars is undoubtedly known for building excellent acoustic guitars but few notice our classicals. On the surface, it may seem that most classical guitars look very similar at a quick glance, and thus one may assume that there are only minute differences with each model.

Therefore, when a customer approached us to commission a classical guitar, we took the opportunity to make it an outstanding Maestro classical guitar. This guitar, fondly named “The Dragon” by the staff of Maestro because of its headstock inlay, is made of a solid Adirondack Spruce Top and solid Santos Rosewood. The neck is comprised of Khaya Mahogany with an Ebony strip and an African Ebony fingerboard with Flamed Maple binding and Abalone purfling. It is our first classical guitar that features our custom options such as the Soundport and Beveled Armrest, which is made from Flamed Maple to compliment the bindings. It is braced with a 7-strut fan made from Adirondack Spruce.

Aside from the guitar’s astounding paper qualifications, its singing voice never failed to impress. We tap-tuned the instrument so it can live up to expectations. When played, you can hear a piano-like bass and crystal clear trebles, and of course, the Maestro signature projection and responsiveness. We liked it so much that we decided to install an expensive set of Gotoh Machine Heads with inlays that I am keeping for years.

We pride ourselves in building amazing instruments for guitarists, and we would love to build one for you too. Contact us, and we will make your dream instrument a reality.



Thanks to Glen for the amazing photos.