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February 1, 2014

I just wanted to keep him safe

Foreign Minister Wang Yi also said “some countries” needed to give Pakistan “full credit”, in what could be a veiled comment aimed at both the United […]
January 24, 2014

Not So Harmless Villain: Future Box Ghost is a lot more

Lemony Narrator: Most of the scenes focusing on Carla. Making a Splash: Lee. Mauve Shirt Miniature Senior Citizens: Genkai, much like her namesake. Note that according […]
January 19, 2014

Se Ri repeatedly hints to Pil Joo

Also, Emporio Ivanakov, whose Devil Fruit power allows him/her to generate hormones and inject them into people, can pull this off with “Vigor Hormones” which […]
January 19, 2014

” “When you’re doing comics, you need a visual shorthand in

According to her creator John Ostrander:As the character percolated, he cooked up a name, Amanda Waller, and a nickname branched off in his mind: “The […]