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Maestro Guitars will be revamping our acoustic steel-string custom line of instruments. The old models are known as: SINGA, ROSETTA, VICTORIA, ALPHA, BRILLIANCE. Some of these models are full solid while the others are solid back with reinforced sides.

The new models will be relabeled by style of the body:

SINGA: Medium Jumbo style

ROSETTA: Dreadnought style

RAFFLES: Small Jumbo Style

VICTORIA: Triple O style

BETA: Current Entry level Custom series in dreadnought style with Solid Sapele Back/Side.

A 2 alphabet abbreviation will be attached to the end of the model to indicate the wood (Back/Side) used. All new Maestro custom series will only be produced in Full solid editions from Winter 2010. We will not be releasing any more Solid back instruments under the custom series. They will be released under the Elite series from time to time depending on raw material availability.

Some Common back/sides alphabet abbreviations are:

IR: Indian Rosewood

SR: Santos Rosewood

FM: Flame Maple

K: Koa Pili Koko (Acacia)

B: Bocote

ME: Macassar Ebony

CO: Cocobolo

Catalog and Website will be updated in the near future to reflect these new changes.