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Our Custom Series Ukuleles highlights our emphasis on tone and exquisite Asian workmanship. Each ukulele is made from the finest tonewoods, both exotic and traditional, that delivers distinct tonal characteristic from each tonewood combination. As ukulele is getting popular both to hobbyists and performing musicians, we have been looking for an ideal pickup system that will give justice to our ukuleles, one that is responsive, dependable, and amplifies only a loud, clear, and unadulterated tone. Nothing best fits our Custom Series Ukuleles other than the Mi-Si Acoustic Trio Uke System.

The Mi-Si Acoustic Trio Uke System for Ukulele features an active, battery-free preamp designed specifically to work with the L.R. Baggs Ukulele pickup. The preamp for this system uses Mi-Si’s custom piezo linearization scheme – allowing for the most truthful and accurate sound from the pickup. Being an active pickup system, it is sensitive, responsive, and clear without altering the natural sound of a ukulele.

What separates the Mi-Si Acoustic Trio Uke System aside from its responsiveness and clarity is its battery-free preamp that eliminates the hassle of changing batteries. With this, players can directly charge the preamp into a 110/220 V AC outlet using the provided charger for 60 seconds and it will be ready for 16 hours of performance.

For a limited time period, All Maestro Custom Series Ukuleles will now come preinstalled with a free Mi-Si Acoustic Trio Uke System subject to availability and terms and conditions. To know more, please contact a Maestro Dealer near you.

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I’ve used both. In my humble opinion K&K is okay but the MiSi will blow it away. Amazing trio that MiSi. I just can’t say enough positive things about it…. it is awesome! 
I am getting a Tenor Uke and I have the option of having a K+K Twin Spot pickup installed or for another $50.00 I can have a Misi installed. Is the K+K adequate for occassional use or should I go for the Misi.


03-03-2011, 03:44 AM

Actually… the MiSi is the coil strip that sits under the bridge and it’s wired to an LR Baggs preamp. It’s a great setup and you REALLY do get 16 hours of actual playing time on a simple :60 charge! I have K&Ks and MiSis in all of my ukes and, truthfully, I think the MiSi trio sounds better and more natural than a K&K. But that’s just the opinion of these old ears!

If you want an all-in-one package, go with the MISI. All the way. If you want to have a bit more natural (but “thuddy”) sound but headache over “oh shoot, I forgot my preamp. Now my sound is going to suck.” – go with the K&K. I had a K&K big spot. For what I do, the MISI blew it out of the water and up on the cliff.

Hippie Guy

05-30-2011, 10:35 AM