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When you play a standard acoustic guitar, you never hear the true sound that the guitar is producing as you will be hearing reflected sound. That is why you get someone else to play it for you so you can hear it or otherwise you will be playing a guitar in a corner, or close to a wall. Do you find yourself leaning over the side of the guitar, or angling the guitar upward, so your ear is more in line with the sound hole?

Now, with the benefit of a Maestro Soundport, you can hear the true sound your guitar is producing. The sound port directs a portion of the guitars true sound to the player. The results are truly amazing! It is like having your very own personal sound monitor built into your Maestro Guitar.

Blindfold tests prove that there is absolutely no loss of energy with a sound port. In fact, the results are quite the opposite. There is a discernable gain in sound hole projection, as well as a 360 degree sound gain around the player. Sound-port options are available at an extra $100 for all custom guitars.

PS: Not many guitar companies are wiling to show the interior of their works. Look at our tight dove-tail joints, hand-made rosettes and clean carbon-fibre rods channels!!