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Double Top Soundboards are made of two extremely thin top wood plates that are joined by a Nomex honeycomb core, a material made from Aramid paper that is extremely light. This makes the soundboard 30% lighter than the usual solid tops yet extremely stiff that it requires less brace mass; increasing its responsiveness, volume and sustain, and providing complex overtones and intensified harmonics.

Popularly used in classical guitars, we built our last Torres-IR with a Double Top Soundboard using thin layers of Sitka Spruce. The challenge is to adapt it to steel-string guitars; making sure that we are able to make the soundboard optimally stiff to withstand the force of the strings without losing tone and projection.

After successfully studying the nature of the Double-Top soundboards, both in terms of strength and tone, we are able to produce the first batch with of limited edition Custom Series guitars that are available in Victoria, Rosetta, Raffles, & Singa and with Indian Rosewood, Madagascar Rosewood and Cocobolo back and sides.

These 12 Limited Edition Custom Series guitars are one-of-a-kind for all Double-Top soundboard will be only made available for Custom Shop orders. All of these guitars are equipped with our custom options such as Beveled Armrest, Soundport and Florentine Cutaway and are furnished with a unique 12th fret inlay. In giving each guitar a signature Maestro sound, all are equipped with Maestro Ultra-Brace system that uses Spruce-Rosewood-Spruce bracing material  which adds warmness of the sound of the guitar.