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Confused whether your guitar is a Custom Series, Select Shop or a Custom Shop model? Starting 2014, there will be major differences among the three categories.
Here is a simple guide to know which category your Maestro guitar is:


Custom Series is a standard line of guitars with popular wood combination and shape furnished with options such as Florentine Cutaway, Soundport and Beveled Armrest. All of these guitars are tap-tuned by Hozen by hand-sculpting the bracing.

You can find the complete list of the Custom Series models at

A standard wood combination on a different shape is available upon the request of our dealer.

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Starting 2014, Select Shop instruments, which are often made from seasonal, exotic or premium tonewood but are also available in popular wood combination,  will be limited to 1 to 2 models at a given time. These guitars will have a higher-grade soundboard, ebony strip on the neck, 3-pc Spruce-Rosewood-Spruce traverse brace and special fingerboard inlay. All of these guitars will undergo PLEK setup.

You can find the available Select Shop models at

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Custom Shop guitars are custom ordered. Hozen gives extra attention to these instruments to ensure that it is built according to the expectation of the owner. Every detail of these guitars are selected by the owner under the guidance of Hozen.

What differentiates the Custom Shop guitars from the other categories is it is built from our highest-grade tonewood and soundboard furnished with solid lining, instead of a regular kerfing, and the new MAESTRO HYBRID BRACING SYSTEM.

Starting 2014, all Custom Shop instruments will have Hozen’s signature on the inner label.

From time to time, we will be releasing CUSTOM SHOP models that are built according to Hozen’s own selection that can be purchased directly from us or through our dealers. An example of this is the Custom Shop Raffles-MR CSB R that was released late last year.

If you wish to commission us to build your dream instrument, you can find the CUSTOM SHOP FORM at

A new informative CUSTOM SHOP online form will be launched in a few months time.

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It was 2010 when Hozen decided to focus in building boutique-level instruments. A major product line revamp was made that was highlighted by the relaunch of the Custom Series.

Custom Series was offered in 4 models; Victoria (000), Rosetta (Dreadnought), Raffles (Small Jumbo), Singa (Medium Jumbo) that were available in Mahogany (M), Zebrawood (Z), Indian Rosewood (IR), Santos Rosewood (SR), Flamed Maple (FM), and some seasonal wood like Cocobolo (CO).

In 2011, we introduced Soundport as an option for the Custom Series. The response was so great that it became a standard feature on our Custom Series.

During this year we first received a custom order for a Brazilian Rosewood guitar. This made us decide to officially launch a CUSTOM SHOP to cater to those who want to custom build.

On the later part of 2011, we started experimenting on Beveled Armrest that was later introduced mid-2012 as a standard feature for Custom Series guitars.

In 2012, almost all Custom Series guitars are furnished with Florentine Cutaway, Soundport and Beveled Armrest. During this time we already made guitars using over 20 different tonewoods like Macassar Ebony, Monkey Pod, Bloodwood, Purple Heart, Mango, Malaysian Blackwood, Bocote, etc.

Though building a wide variety of guitars is good, more Custom Series became very confusing both in retail and production.


In 2013, we decided to streamline the Custom Series products and just limit it to popular combination in terms of shape, top, and back & sides.

All the guitars that do not fall under Custom Series, especially those with seasonal and exotic tonewood, were moved to Select Shop unless it is a custom order.

Starting 2014, Select Shop will have different features and options that are not available in Custom Series models.