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“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Why would you spend time, effort, and resources in coming up something new when everything seem to work well? Might be ideal for others, but not for us.

Probably the biggest challenge we face every time a new batch of instruments are out is how can we make it better the next time. It is not because we are dissatisfied with what we built but simply because we just want guitar and ukulele players to have the opportunity to own something better.

For this year, we decided to give some of our popular models a fresh new look; simple yet elegant. With the new look and a better sound, we are certain that you will take pride in owning one.

2014 Victoria-IR Banner

One of our best selling models since 2010, the new Victoria-IR is furnished with Rosewood binding with wooden lines, a simpler yet elegant look. This new design also applies on the new Rosetta-IR and Raffles-IR.

2014 Raffles-MR Banner

Probably the best and most sought after standard model we make, the new Raffles-MR now comes with a solid Adirondack Spruce as a default soundboard and features a new rosette design of wood and Abalone; an intricate look complementing its exquisite sound. Make sure to get one as soon as they are available at a Maestro dealer near you for this guitar moves really fast. Also available in 000 – Victoria-MR.

2014 Singa-FM Banner

While almost everyone is head over heels with guitars that have “rosewood-like” tonal qualities, we found a new love for the Flamed Maple. Now with a solid Adirondack Spruce as a default soundboard, the Singa-FM sings with sweet trebles without compromising the body and the projection. The new Singa-FM features a Northstar inlay from a submitted entry on our Inlay Design competition, highlighting that this guitar is a star of its own. This combination is also available in our most popular body shape, Raffles-FM.

2014 Raffles-K LE Banner

We are always in the lookout for nice wood. When we encountered a stash of lovely Taiwanese Koa 2 years ago, we decided to keep it until it the right time to make it into a guitar. It is definitely worth the wait. Sounds as unique as it looks, you can now own a very exquisite guitar without breaking the bank. Get one as soon as you can for we only built 5 pieces of this Limited Edition Raffles-K, not that we do not want to but because we do not know if we are ever to encounter this same quality of wood again. We also have two pieces of 12-string version (Raffles-K12) available.

2014 Island Slotted HS Banner

Used to be an exclusive option on our Custom Shop and Select Shop models, we are now releasing Island Series ukuleles with Slotted Headstock option. Available in concert and tenor size Island Series ukuleles.

CS Victoria-ME Banner

This year, we will be releasing a few Custom Shop models ever month. These models are made according to the specifications if Hozen is to custom order an instrument. Aside from the hand-selected tonewood and soundboard we reserve for our Custom Shop acoustic guitars, these models are furnished with our new HYBRID BRACING SYSTEM and solid lining. An example is this Victoria-ME built from a high grade Adirondack Spruce top and Macassar Ebony back and sides. Beautiful inside and out.

Beta and Omega Banner

Though we are now more known for our high-end guitars and ukuleles, we are still committed in building value-for-money guitars. The new Beta and Omega acoustic guitars are built with reversed kerfing that you will not find at this price range. Available in 2 combinations, solid Sitka Spruce and solid Khaya Mahogany in dreadnought shape, and solid German Spruce and solid Khaya Mahogany in 000 shape, these guitars play and look more than what you are actually paying for.