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1 The Maestro Workshop Sepia2 Humidity Controlled3 Ready Materials Sepia4 Gluing The Bracing Sepia5 Particular with The Soundboard6 Measuring Thickness Sepia7 Tap Tuning8 Bracing Notes9 Shaving the Bracing Sepia10 Shaving The Back Bracing11 Bending the Sides12 Reinforced Sides13 Levelling Sides Sepia14Sanding the Sides15 Marking Excess Bracing Sepia16 Removing Kerfing for Bracing17 Gluing Back and Sides Sepia18 Binding Canal 219 Ready Body20 Shaving the End Heel Sepia21 Shaping The Neck Sepia22 Headstock Veneer Sepia23 Canal for Carbon Fiber24 Carbon Fiber Ready25 Hand Shaved Neck26 Neck Check 2 Sepia27 Neck Check Sepia28 Refining Binding29 Drying and Stabilizing30 Sanding Body Sepia31 Finishing32 Crowning of Frets Sepia33 Handmade Bridge34 Hide Glue35 Setup Sepia36 Check SepiaTHE END