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HozenAs a luthier, it has been my  passion to build guitars and ukuleles that are worth playing. Over the years, I have interacted with various players, helping me realize that though their preferences differ, they are actually looking for three common things in an instrument; rich tone, superb playability, and finest craftsmanship. This understanding shaped me on how I design and build instruments, instruments that players would love playing.

Building a good instrument is one thing, but having it at the hands of satisfied players is another. This is the very reason I started my own line of guitars and ukuleles, Maestro guitars, to make my instruments available to discerning players. I carefully design each instrument so I can accommodate every player’s preferred tone, feel, and look.

With my desire to bring boutique-level instruments to players, we made custom options available to my guitars and ukuleles such as Sound Port, Beveled Armrest, and Florentine Cutaway, ensuring that each Maestro owner is proud to have an exclusive option in their instrument. All of my instruments are handcrafted in a 100% humidity-controlled facility ensuring its stability and dependability.I carefully select each material that goes into my instrument; exotic and traditional tonewoods and soundboards that are rich in tap tones, components that are dependable, bracing, binding, and even strings and pickup systems. With the help of my experienced luthiers, we are able to handcraft each instrument to its full potential, ensuring each has optimal projection, responsiveness, harmonics, and rich overtones.

I hope that you will enjoy playing my instruments as much as I have adored building them. If you have not tried a Maestro, go out and try and surely you will love to own one. If you are looking for something specific that is not available off-the-rack, contact me and I will build one for you.

Keep strumming,