Care & Feeding | Component Care

Your instrument is equipped with various components supplied by our partners. The components installed into your instrument are selected for both its functionality and reliability. Though some of these components’ performance decrease over time, its lifespan can be prolonged with proper care and maintenance.

• Change your string periodically to ensure that your string perform at its optimal level. Aside from the good sound from a fresh set of strings, changing your strings periodically will prevent intonation and buzzing problems caused by old strings.

• Your instrument is fitted with bone nut and saddle, which are known for its natural acoustic properties, and may require a replacement over time. Though there are alternative materials, replacement of your nut and saddle should only be done by a Maestro Authorized Dealer or Service Centre. Unauthorized replacement will void your Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Exposure to high humidity will cause metal components such as machine heads to oxidize.

• Your instrument is fitted with high-gear ratio machine heads. These quality machine heads will ensure ease and stability of tuning but may require a replacement over time. Ensure that your instrument is kept in prescribed humidity conditions to prevent oxidation of metal parts that may prevent the machine heads from functioning properly. Periodically check the screws and tighten them if necessary.

• The strap pins in your instrument may rust over time due to humidity. Should the screws of the strap pins rust, we recommend that you replace it immediately before it becomes hard to turn. In such cases, extreme care should be exercised when unscrewing the strap pin to prevent damaging the wood and finish.

• The frets in your instrument may wear out over time due to the friction against the strings. Though it will take years before you need to replace your frets, oxidation will shorten the lifespan of the frets. Store your instrument within recommended humidity conditions and wipe your fingerboard every after use to prevent oxidation and corrosion.