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A captivating, critically-acclaimed, exquisite singer-songwriter from the Philippines, Julianne has effortlessly drawn audiences in through the sheer hypnosis of her soulful phrasing and the unadulterated pleasure that is her voice, stretching vowels artistically, with a focused stillness.

Julianne’s music is a wonderful blend of technical artistry and melodic accessibility that provides an alluring invitation to stay and dwell a little longer in a musical atmosphere that’s uniquely hers: piercing, soothing and authentic.

Factor in her solid guitar playing, oozing with jazz tones, an element of folk, and a slight hint of acoustic pop – you have the makings of an artist preordained for world-wide success.

Born and raised in the Philippines, Julianne began singing at the age of 3. Her parents being musicians themselves ensured that her childhood was filled with wonderful music. Her earliest influences include the Beatles, the Carpenters and church songs.

As she grew older, Julianne’s artistry on guitar grew as well. Today she is one of the most prolific guitarists in the Philippines, able to create melodies and harmonies that speak volumes of where she is, where she is going and where she has been.

She has performed with world-class artists such as Gary Valenciano, Rivermaya, Hillsong and Grammy-winner Colbie Callait. Julianne has also sung on the international stage, performing in Japan, Singapore, and Indonesia and has worked with Disney for the Asia release of Camp Rock’s “This is Me”.

Julianne is also an advocate for children, involving herself in causes for education, protection from child abuse and trafficking as evidenced by her work with and Tahanan Sta. Luisa, a home for young girls.

Julianne continues on with her musical journey with a new look, a new sound and a fresh collection of songs that speak truth, hope, inspiration and love.

This is Julianne.