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When Amos Lim first picked up a guitar after receiving one for his 13th birthday, he did not expect it to spark a lifelong obsession. Amos would bring his guitar wherever he went, teaching himself new styles along the way. Without formal lessons, he was unrestrained by the confines of conventional music “rules” – it enabled him to explore different styles. Eventually, he discovered his free-form Finger Style, which reflects Amos’ personality of improvisation, or “going with the flow”. Artists that have helped to shape his musical influences include Tommy Emmanuel, Sungha Jung, Andy Mckee, Joe Hisaishi and various musicians in the Pop music scene.

Performing on stage is second nature to Amos, having played in dozens of concerts on many platforms. He opened for Adam Rafferty (a pioneer of Fingerstyle) at SCAPE when he came to Singapore. When he is not performing he teaches the ukulele and guitar at Maestro Guitars. Amos’ students span worldwide, as he frequently posts ukelele and guitar tutorials on Youtube. Since its creation in 2011, Amos has steadily built a strong following of more than 800 subscribers on his Youtube channels as of 2013. With already more than 260,000 views on his channel, the trend is definitively going upwards.

At such a young age, Amos’ ceiling is bound to only get higher, and his rising prominence in the Youtube community is congruent with the effervescent qualities of youth and potential he possesses.

You can follow Amos at his Official Facebook Page.