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Maestro is the only Singapore brand that handcrafts its own guitars and ukuleles. Started in 2004 with the desire to make exceptionally handcrafted guitars and ukuleles more accessible, we have been providing instruments to discerning players that are very particular with tone, playability, and craftsmanship.

Each Maestro instrument is handcrafted in our humidity-controlled workshop using only the finest wood and components through age-proven techniques. Hozen spearheads our small yet highly experienced team of luthiers ensuring each Maestro instrument is built to its fullest potential.  His desire to just offer the best of everything can be seen in every little detail of our instruments; Carbon-Fibre Reinforced Necks, soundhole and body wood binding, use of Hide Glue, seasoned tonewood, and tap-tuned soundboards just to name a few.

Our unquenchable desire for the best instrument inside out pushes us to further develop and innovate; Double Top Soundboards, laminated lining, reversed kerfing, Soundport, Bevelled Armrest and Ultra Bracing, options that can only be found on custom orders or through individual luthiers but offered as a standard feature for Maestro instruments.

When you get a Maestro, you are definitely getting something better.