5 Pillars of Maestro Guitars

5 Pillars Of Maestro Guitars

  • Passion Drives Perfection

    Only makers know how. The right people are need for the job! Hozen spearheads our small yet highly experienced team of luthiers ensuring each Maestro instrument is built to its fullest potential. Being the heart and soul of the production, Hozen not only have to take charge of the entire production, designing each and every instrument, he also individually voices the signature Maestro tone & responsiveness in each and every custom/private collection guitars. We build each of our instruments as if it is our own. Passionate people don't only exist in the production but also the very people whom you purchase Maestro Guitars from. Many of them could have an easier time selling traditional branded products but they are convinced about our Guitars and Ukuleles and placed their bets on the dark horse. Even the suppliers we work with must have the appropriate skills, the right attitude and have the desire in providing the utmost quality in the industry; all for the perfect guitar.

  • Be Involved If You Want To Make Things the Right Way

    We religiously believe that the process is way more important than specifications. If you want consistency and quality, total involvement in the production is a necessity. This is the main reason why Hozen decided to start his own production rather than outsource. There are many ways to achieve the same result; the guitar can be built by a group of experienced luthiers or by someone who just press the button of a machine. Each Maestro instrument is handcrafted in our humidity-controlled workshop using the finest wood and components through age-proven techniques. We fuse age-old and innovative building techniques in order for us to achieve what we want for our instruments while promoting consistency and efficiency. With the help of customized tools, we are able to ensure consistency in critical repetitive parts such as bridge, neck and fingerboard while spending more time handcrafting the sound box of individual instrument. Our entire workshop is humidity controlled within 45% - 55%, from our storeroom to individual workstations, to ensure that all instruments built are able to adapt to a variety of different climates and humidity around the world.

  • Wood Is Life Of The Instrument

    Wood is the origin of all our instruments and every wood has a life of its own. The more one knows about the unique characteristics of wood and its source, the better one can understand the degree of tone and beauty that it brings to our guitars. We select all the wood that goes into our instruments from suppliers we are confident of their sustainable practise as well as their process of wood preparation. Our top woods are hand spilt rather than sawn to preserve the strength for instrument making. All instrumental wood will have to go through our unique ozone and air-drying procedure to season for 12-18 months before they are made into instrument. Some of tonewood can be kept for over 5 years. You can be assured that only the finest raw material goes into your Maestro.

  • Quality Is More Important Than Quantity

    There is no shortcut to a perfect guitar. We build only a maximum of 40 to 50 instruments a month giving our team ample time to carefully handcraft each instrument with great attention to details. We take time building every instruments even on the most unnoticeable details such as our insistence to use Hot Hide Glue. Our guitars and ukuleles are hand built by luthiers with extensive guitar building experience enabling us to internalize quality control measures in our workshop. We are very particular with every detail on our instrument; like hand-selected tonewoods, hand-sculpted bracing, carbon-fibre reinforced necks, rigid rim technology, body binding, luthier-grade hide glue and titebond, inlays, strings, pickup systems and PLEK setup. Any great chef will tell you: Great food all start with Great ingredients!

  • Exceptional Handcrafted Instruments for Everyone

    Our ultimate goal is to make finely-built instruments accessible to almost everyone. This is why we make sure that each of our instruments sounds, feels and play more than what the price suggests. How we do it? We never believed in passing the cost of branding, advertising or endorsement deal to you. Rather than spending excessive time and resources on getting connected with artists, we very much prefer focusing on doing our best without compromise on quality and performance. All our featured ambassadors pay for their own instruments and their continued support in using our instruments is our greatest motivation! We hope that you will enjoy playing your guitar/ukulele as much as we enjoy handcrafting them and help spread the word out.